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Black GasPedal® Duster with grit pedal surface 

Black GasPedal® Duster for wide-frames

Black GasPedal® Doc's Original with grit pedal surface 



Click here to order the Machined Finished Titanium SuperComp® XL in .308/7.62

Click here to order the Beaded Finish Titanium SuperComp® XL in .308/7.62




 NEW lower price on Titanium SuperComp® XL Brakes. Best brake at best value on planet! 

GoGun USA is proud to introduce the titanium SuperComp® XL & Tactical Talon Brake available in .223 in three different finishes.

5.56 SuperComp® Tactical Talon Brake is also available in parkerized chromoly steel, black lava shield titanium, and bead blasted titanium.

SuperComp Talon Tactical 2.23/5.56 Parkerized Chromolly Steel



Check out the NEW  price for the  full size SuperComp® Talon brake, now $88.50! AND on sale for limited time

Photo: THE Original SuperComp® Talon brake priced now REDUCED from $88.50 from previous $ 119.50. This is the same brake that sold thousands at the higher price and features patented Talon Tips and SuperComp® design. The ULTIMATE persuader . In .223 and .308 same price.

Don't forget to check out the new price for the SuperComp® No Talon at $79.50Don't forget to check out the new lower price for the SuperComp® No Talon at $69.50